Why choose Us?

In challenging times choosing the right professional advisor to work with you and your business is crucial.  Whilst providing a full range of services that you would expect from Insolvency Practitioners, what sets us apart is our focus on your individual needs.

We will always

  • Find the right solutions for you and your business
  • Support you with the right team – friendly, efficient, experienced and trained to meet your specific needs
  • Provide you with the right advice regardless of fees. We are driven by a desire to provide trusted advice, often resulting in no fees being generated for CBA.
  • Look at the bigger picture – insolvency is as much about your individual wants and needs, your future plans and personal situation, as it is about the technical processes. We tailor each solution always taking these factors into account.
  • Be Practitioner led – our licence holders are ‘hands-on’ providing a personal service to guide you through the process at every step.
  • Offer you realistic advice – always honest, commercial, practical and most importantly advice that can be trusted

The biggest testament to our service is that almost all of our clients come to us from professional referrers, who trust us and are happy to refer clients to us time and time again. Transparent from the start we ensure all parties know what to expect and deliver on exactly what we say we will.